VIDEO: Bill Cosby kills it on Fallon, wants The Roots to play his funeral

Dr. Bill Cosby continued his hilarious tour of late night television on Tuesday when he made another wonderful talk show appearance, this time on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

He starts his appearance off much like he did his bit with Leno, by wandering into the crowd. This time he "confuses" a member of the audience with the show's host and starts the interview from the crowd. When he realizes his mistake, things get a little rocky.

When Fallon finally gets Dr. Cosby to sit down and start the interview, he talks about his baby daughter, only to have Dr. Cosby lecture him on fatherhood and Fatherhood.

Later, Dr. Cosby explains that he's spent a great deal of time thinking about his funeral and he wants The Legendary Roots Crew to play a very particular song to mark his passing.

Getting back up off the floor was a little bit of a struggle for Dr. Cosby, who made a point of calling out Questlove and The Roots for botching his funeral song.

The man is a genius and we're all blessed with his existence.