VIDEO: Bill Cosby makes greatest 'Tonight Show' entrance ever

Comedian Bill Cosby will have a Comedy Central special this fall

Dr. Bill Cosby is a comedy legend. Whether you grew up listening to his comedy records or spent 30 minutes a week with the Huxtables or simply developed a fondness for Jell-O pudding and an appreciation of Coogi sweaters, it's highly probable that the man had a presence in your childhood.

In anticipation of the release of his latest stand-up special, Far From Finished (which debuts on Comedy Central on November 23rd), Dr. Cosby has been making some public appearances, like his set after the Penn/Temple game at the Palestra last weekend or his unbelievable entrance on the Tonight Show on Wednesday.

When Leno introduces his guest, the Cos comes out and pretends to be confused, wandering around the set while Leno tries to reel him in. It's wonderful, really.

Don't ever change, Dr. Cosby. Don't ever change.