Shapiro says Piers Morgan stands on the graves of Sandy Hook children

A Piers Morgan guest is  making waves on the Internet again, thanks to a segment on yesterday's show, during which Breitbart editor at large Ben Shapiro rips into Morgan for his actions in wake of the Newtown, Connecticut massacre. Shapiro accuses Morgan of "standing on the graves of the children of Sandy Hook" to demonize people who disagree with him politically.

Shapiro also brought a copy of the Constitution, which he offered to Morgan as a gift. They debate which political measures are necessary in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre including a theoretical ban on assault weapons and better screening for mental illness.

Earlier this week, the people took notice of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' segment on Morgan's show because Jones went off on Morgan, yelling over him about "suicide mass murder pills."

At one point, Morgan references Alex Jones and Shapiro responds with an emphatic, "Don't lump me in with Alex Jones."

During the segment, Morgan references the Constitution by calling it Shapiro's "little book."

Morgan and Shapiro also take time to discuss the left vs. right nature of the gun control issue after Morgan reads a letter penned (in part) by Ronald Reagan.