VIDEO: Anna Kendrick says Katy Perry touched her (intimately) at the Grammys

Actress Anna Kendrick lit up the Billboard charts last year with "Cups" after her starring turn in the box office and critical success, Pitch Perfect. As the world learned that Elizabeth Banks would be directing a Pitch Perfect sequel that will likely star Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, again, Kendrick was doling out an award at the 56th Annual Grammys.

Kendrick, who's incredibly charming on late night shows, popped by Conan on Monday to discuss, among other things, her recent appearance at the Grammys and her chance to rub shoulders with music's elite. She recounts the tale of avoiding eye contact with Beyoncé (because she's "not worthy"), only to be summoned over into a conversation with Bey and Jay Z.

Oh, and then there was that time that Katy Perry touched her cleavage.

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