VIDEO: Allen Iverson contemplating Russian Roulette is the saddest thing you'll see this week

The Sixers will host Allen Iverson bobblehead night when they host the Bobcats Saturday. (Matt Slocum/AP file)

Adrien Broner is a boxer. Late Saturday night, Broner waltzed to the ring in Brooklyn's Barclays Center decked in all gold everything and accompanied by rapper French Montana. Then, he defeated Paulie Malignaggi and declared that he'd be leaving with the man's belt and the man's girl.

Gray asked if he regretted anything about the lead up to the fight and Broner was content with everything. "I'm good," he said. "I beat Paulie, I left with his belt and his girl."

Broner previously introduced Jessica Corazon, Malignaggi's ex-girlfriend, to the sideshow leading up to the fight and needed very little prompting to drop that bomb again after the fight. [Deadspin]

Broner also has his own reality show (kind of). It's strictly for the web and he produces it himself.

He recorded a YouTube video in which he flushed 20-dollar bills down a toilet. And he produced his own online reality show, About Billions: The Life of Adrien Broner, which might possibly be the worst selfie film since Señor Spielbergo's A Burns for All Seasons. [Grantland]

Recently, Allen Iverson made an appearance on About Billions when his crew bumped into Broner's. The Answer slurs his speech and suggests that they play Russian Roulette. His tone feels eerily serious. It's sad. Like, really sad. It's probably the saddest video Grantland's talked about since last spring when we all found out what Pete Rose's daily routine was like. [h/t Grantland]