Ugh, Paris Hilton is trying to be relevant, again

France Cannes Worldview Entertainment's Bungaow 8 Party
Paris Hilton arrives at the Worldview Entertainment's Bungaow 8 Party in Cannes, southern France, Friday, May 17, 2013. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

Remember when Paris Hilton's name was on the front of every tabloid in America every, single day and Kim Kardashian's baby wasn't even a glimmer in Kanye West's eyes?

Well, Paris is trying to bring those days back (kind of). She makes an appearance (as herself) in the upcoming film about a group of spoiled Hollywood teenagers that burglarized her home back in 2008 and 2009, The Bling Ring. Also, she's in the studio finishing up her second album, her first on Cash Money Records with Lil Wayne and company (yup, that's really happening).

Also, she's getting into the family business and opening her first resort in Manila. Does it include a manmade beach and a three-story beach club? You better believe it.

Hilton spoke with The Daily Beast to dish on everything she's got going on, why her home is filled with pillows with pictures of her face on them, how terrifying it would be to raise daughters in Los Angeles, and how she's not as promiscuous, dumb or spoiled as people think she is.

What are the biggest misconceptions about Paris Hilton?

There are definitely a lot of misconceptions about me. People just assume that because my last name is Hilton, I don’t work and I’m spoiled and everything is just handed to me. It’s actually the complete opposite. I could’ve just been one of these trust-fund kids, but as soon as I moved to New York, I signed to Donald Trump’s modeling agency at 16 and started making money. From there, I built my own brand with 17 product lines. I haven’t accepted anything from my parents since I was 18 years old. Also, with The Simple Life, people think because I’m blonde and because of that show, that I’m an airhead, but if they saw me in a boardroom or business meeting doing my thing, they’d feel differently. [The Daily Beast]