U.S. Airways passenger snaps Philly plane crash selfie

On Thursday, passengers of a U.S. Airways flight from Philadelphia International Airport to Fort Lauderdale, Florida walked away from a scary situation after one of the plane's tires blew out during takeoff, causing the plane to skid to a stop nose-down.

There were 149 passengers on U.S. Airways Flight 1702, none of whom were injured in the ordeal. They were evacuated from the plane and bussed to Terminal A.

One, passenger, though, managed to snap a selfie, as one is wont to do in such a situation.



To learn more about the U.S. Airways Flight 1702 accident that occurred at PHL on Thursday, read our full report—complete with descriptions of the incident from those on board and statements from an airport spokeswoman. here.

The runway has since reopened.