U.K. woman spends $30,000 to look like Kim Kardashian

Claire Leeson spent $30,000 to look like Kim Kardashian.

Claire Leeson idolizes Kim Kardashian. So much so, that the 24 year old U.K. resident shelled out about $30,000 on surgery to look like the newly married reality TV star.

Credit cards, Leeson said, helped her pay for teeth whitening, breast enhancement, butt padding, hair extensions and even a Kim K. inspired wardrobe  (even though Kim’s own wardrobe is styled by her hubby, Kanye West). This transformation came as a response to bullying Leeson received as a child. She became obsessed with Kardashian after friends told her she resembled the star.

“I thought she was so beautiful and I really wanted to be like her,” Leeson said of Kardashian on ITV’s ‘This Morning.’

Though she admitted this obsession has driven her into “major debt,” Leeson doesn’t seem regretful about her cosmetic procedures.

“When I get my Kimmy on,” she said, “I feel like I’m unstoppable and untouchable and I feel like no one can stop me and I can make something of myself.

Leeson isn’t the only regular person seeking celebrity looks. Toby Sheldon, a 33-year-old songwriter based in Los Angeles spent $100,000 in an attempt to look like the 18-year-old (very specific) Justin Bieber. His transformation included hair transplants, lip work and liposuction.