Town rallies to buy 3,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies after hoax

Two Girl Scout troops in Oregon fell victim to a hoax when someone placed a "corporate" order for $24,000 worth of Girl Scout cookies. By the time someone came forward to admit the whole thing was an awful prank, the order had been placed and recieved. It looked like the Girl Scouts were going to be stuck with 500 cases on cookies on their hands. Luckily, the fine people of HIllsboro, Oregon came to the rescue because there's no better good deed than one that comes with Samoas.

But whether through a fit of community spirit or an insatiable desire for Thin Mints, the town turned out to help. Lines to buy cookies were “out the door” last Saturday as people arrived in droves to help out, KATU reports; the girls were able to sell half the total 6,000 boxes in just three hours.

“I expected a few people to come down,” said spokeswoman Sarah Miller, who’s been with the Girl Scouts for 23 years. “Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this many … I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The Girl Scouts will hold a second sale this Saturday. [TIME]