Topless protesters greet Vladimir Putin in Germany

A topless demonstrator with written messages on her back walks towards Russian President Vladimir Putin , left during the opening tour at the Hannover Fair in Hannover, Germany, Monday April 8, 2013. Several activists stormed the booth of Volkswagen to demonstrate in presence of the politicians. (AP Photo/dpa,Jochen Luebke)

Russian President and noted Boyz II Men fan, Vladimir Putin made an appearance in Germany and the Netherlands on Monday to discuss trade. The women of Germany had something else in store for Putin, though, as he was greeted by topless protesters in Hannover.

They stripped to the waist and shouted slogans calling the Russian leader a "dictator" before being covered up and bundled away by security men.

"Regarding this performance, I liked it," grinned Putin at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, adding that it had helped to promote the trade fair.


Later, in Amsterdam, he was met by gay rights activists. It seems that these protesters were of the fully-clothed variety.

Esther Noyon, a music student living in a flat near the museum - which was the first stop on Putin's visit to the Netherlands - hung gay pride flags on her building, while residents in a flat opposite played gay anthems at top volume. [Reuters]