Tom Hanks thinks you should shave your mustache

Tom Hanks is, arguably, the greatest actor of a generation. From Forrest Gump to Castaway to Big and everything before, after, and in between, he's captivated audiences everywhere for decades and brought some wonderful stories and characters to life. On Monday, he also proved that he's a man of the people when he sat down and did a Reddit AMA because his kids told him he had to.

Hanks is in the process of promoting (kind of) Captain Phillips, the movie about the first American cargo ship to be captured by pirates in over 200 years. During the crowdsourced interview, Hanks said that all four of the dogs that played Hooch are now in doggie heaven (sad face), admitted that he'd like to do That Thing You Do again, called Peter Scolari the best-smelling actor he's ever worked with (hands down), and advised that the best way to take care of your mustache is to shave it off.

The whole AMA is mildly interesting if not entirely dendearing. If you've got the time, check it out and be reminded why there's no one on the planet who doesn't love Tom Hanks. [Reddit]