This picture of D.C.'s Metro platform is the reason you can't complain about SEPTA today

Complaining about SEPTA is as Philly as soft pretzels or "youse guys" or not winning Super Bowls. But, today, January 16, 2013, is the one day that Philadelphians aren't actually allowed to complain about public transportation because ZOMG LOOGIT ALL THE PEOPLE ON THAT PLATFORM.

Seriously, for all of SEPTA's cash-only, exact-change, sorry-that-machine-is-broken failures, the only days that platforms in Philly look like this is the morning of the Broad Street Run and when the Phillies win the World Series. That picture (of D.C.'s Gallery place, via @ssullivan228) is insane.

The delays on Washington, D.C.'s Red Line were caused by signal problems. Service has reportedly been restored, but residual delays of 40 minutes or so are expected. Suddenly, the Regional Rail doesn't seem so bad. [HuffPo]