This is what it's like to get attacked in 'Sharknado'

Ryan Budds is an aspiring actor/comedian in Los Angeles. Shortly after moving to L.A., he (allegedly) won a contest at a comedy club in Burbank and was (supposedly) awarded with a walk-on role in an upcoming Asylum film. When he followed up with the studio, they had no idea what contest he was talking about, but they told him he could have the gig anyway.

Thus, Budds became Beach Victim #1 in Sharknado. He also worked as a production assistant on set for the film's three weeks of shooting. He recently reached out to the the Internet's leader of all Sharknado coverage, Uproxx, to describe his experience working on the set of the greatest film ever made and recount that time he told Tara Reid not to smoke in his car.

We shot the movie over three weeks and I’m really glad I got to be a part of it. Here are some random tidbits from my experience on Sharknado:

1. The dad from Home Alone (John Heard) doesn’t mind an egg salad sandwich from Food4Less.
2. Giant fake shark heads can still scare you when they first wheel them out.
3. Tara Reid was totally cool with me asking her not to smoke in my car.
4. Directing extras can be a pain, especially on Santa Monica Pier.
5. Ferris Wheels don’t actually have to exist to run people over in a movie.

One last random thing: a large Midwestern woman stopped me on the pier on the last day of filming and asked what we were filming. She was about the 50th person to ask me over a few hours, as the pier was packed with tourists. Bored with my usual response, I replied, “A tuna commercial.” She nodded and walked away. Minutes later, she returned and PUNCHED me in the arm. I swore, and she said, “You lied to me, skinny. You lied to me.” I’ll never forget that. Especially one day, when I’m a big fat dude. [Uproxx]