Meet the couple that broadcasts all of their fights on Twitter

Claire Meyer and Alan Linic are both funny people. The couple met on Chicago's comedy scene and have been dating for roughly eight months. Just before moving in together earlier this fall, they started a joint Twitter account to broadcast the catalysts for each of their arguments to the world at large. Now, @WeFoughtAbout is the latest must-follow account.

Texts have been ignored. Help was not offered during a game of dominoes. Rules were broken. SOMEONE KILLED DUMBLEDORE!

Since the end of August, there have been 82 tweets, all of which are hilarious because they're not your ridiculous arguments and no two people who love each other should get angry at each other over the absence of a Facebook comment or the presence of baby carrots.

Also, why hasn't my girlfriend laughed at that funny Archer GIF I texted her the other day? And, in case she's reading (SPOILER ALERT: She's not), I'm still not over the whole Drinking Buddies fiasco. WE AGREED TO WATCH IT TOGETHER! *slams door* [h/t The Cut]