There's a family living without any technology made after 1986

OK. So, there's this family in Canada that is still living in the '80s. Not in the sense that they fired up a DeLorean to 88 mph and took a trip back to 1985, but in the sense that they've officially abandoned all technology invented after 1986. No iPhones, no DVR, no tablet, NO CANDY CRUSH SAGA?!?!

Blair McMillan felt that new technology was robbing his children, 5 and 2 respectively, of their childhood and pulling his family apart. So, he and the children's mother, Morgan, decided to ditch everything introduced after '86, including, apparently, new hairstyles because homeboy is rocking a mullet (so are the kids).

While, yes, he's considering producing a documentary and/or writing a book about his year of living fluorescently, the broader point of the technological cutoff, McMillan says, has been to reclaim some of his family life from technology. (And it's been working, he insists. The kids, probably because they're so young -- 5 and 2 --have been cooperative with the drastic lifestyle change. The "project just to get closer and reunite the family," McMillan says, has been "working out awesome.")

The experiment started, he notes, with something that will make the McMillans familiar to a lot of families: a vague sense that gadgets were cheating their children of their childhoods. Earlier this year, Blair McMillan says, he was hanging out outside the house, and he asked his 5-year-old son Trey to join him. Trey refused. He was too busy with his iPad

They deleted their Facebook accounts, turned in their cell phones, and took a vacation using road maps. Really. [The Atlantic]