There was a gay wedding across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church over the weekend

Kimberly Kidwell and Katie Short held a wedding ceremony 50 feet from the Westboro Baptist Church on Saturday. The couple traveled from just north of Little Rock, Arkansas to get married (even though Kansas won't recognize their marriage).

In a beautiful ceremony against a rainbow-painted backdrop, the Westboro Baptist Church bore witness to its very first gay wedding ceremony Saturday.

Perched approximately 50 feet from the church's front doors, Kimberly Kidwell and Katie Short exchanged vows in an outdoor ceremony in Topeka, Kan.

Approximately 100 guests turned out to witness the ceremony, which was held at Planting Peace's Equality House, the rainbow-painted building across the street from WBC.

Of course, the members of the Westboro Baptist Church protested the event with their typical signage and Twitter vitriol.

As for the WBC members, the often obscenely vocal arch nemeses of all things homosexual, they made their presence known with signs bearing vile messages and upside-down American flags, Jackson said. But otherwise they kept their distance and didn't get involved.

"They're not allowed to protest a residential property," Jackson reminded.

Responding at length to the scene on Twitter instead, WBC called the wedding a "great preaching opportunity," in so many extra words. [NY Daily News]