The guy who wrote 'Cool Runnings' and 'Little Giants' was high on heroin the whole time

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When you look at Tommy Swerdlow, you should see pride. You should see power. You should see a badass mother who don't take no crap off no one... and who wrote Cool Runnings and Little Giants while strung out on heroin. He also worked as a script doctor and took passes at other films like Shrek and Snow Dogs.

Swerdlow is trying to crowdfund a new movie all about his experience writing wonderful children's films while high as hell in the mid '90s. As a part of that effort, he stopped by Reddit on Wednesday afternoon to answer the Internet's questions.


  • He reveals that he based Shrek and Donkey's relationship on Midnight Cowboy
  • He says that they wanted Jonathan Taylor Thomas for Little Giants, but Spielberg was insistent on Devon Sawa
  • "You don't want to know but the 11 o'clock new was involved…the worst thing i did was spend a million and a half bucks i could really use now"
  • He talks about the time that the Writer's Guild paid his $1.2 million hospital bill when he had a heart valve infection from shooting narcotics
  • He mentions partying with John Candy
  • He says that Chris Farley was recording the voice for Shrek when he died and that Mike Myers replaced him and only added the Scottish accent after he realized that Eddie Murphy was, basically, running circles around him
Swerdlow also talks about his potential project. He bills it as a drug movie without drugs and a road trip movie that doesn't go anywhere. Basically, he and two guys he doesn't like cruise around Los Angeles trying to score dope and fail miserably. If you're a '90s kid or a movie nerd, the whole thing is really worth checking out. [Reddit]