Drunk people explain Watergate, the Lincoln assassination, and that time Elvis crashed the White House

Way back in 2007, a man named Mark Gagliardi drank a bottle of scotch and attempted to tell the tale of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Slurring his speech, Gagliardi walks viewers through the feud between the politicians and, between wardrobe malfunctions and bouts staving off vomit, explains how Hamilton succombs to death. Michael Cera, Jake Johnson, and a bunch of other folks acted out Gagliardi's version of the historical tale and a new form of art was born.

Now, six years later, Drunk History is officially a thing. It's going to be a new show on Comedy Central starting July 9th. But, you don't have to wait another two weeks to get your fix because Comedy Central has already posted the entire first episode to the Internet.

It features stories about Watergate, the assassination of President Lincoln, and that time that Elvis crashed the White House. Adam Scott plays John Wilkes Booth. Jack Black plays Elvis. Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl even makes an appearance in the final sketch.

The video cannot be embedded, so you'll have to head over to Comedy Central to check it out. It's well-worth your time. Some of the language is NSFW, as would be expected considering the level of intoxication reached by our storytellers. [Comedy Central]