The Taylor Swift/Hitler Pinterest page is the strangest thing on the Internet

Taylor Swift is a country crossover singer and international superstar best known for dating boys and singing about them (and then there's that whole Kanye West fiasco).

Adolf Hitler was the German politician and leader of the Nazi Party who killed himself to avoid capture at the Battle of Berlin. He's responsible for the Holocaust, largely, WWII.

While the differences between these to people are innumerable and obvious, many people on the Internet are confused about who said what thanks to Emily Pattinson's Pinterest page that features pictures of Taylor Swift and quotes from Adolf Hitler.

There are a handful of other such images featuring quotes from Hitler, Stalin and bin Laden, some of which have been repinned hundreds of times. The Atlantic Wire caught wind of the page and created a "Who Said It?" quiz, allowing the Internet to find out for themselves if there's any overlap between Swift and Hitler.

Sometimes the Internet is a strange and horrifying (-ly wonderful?) place. [Pinterest]