The Mets don't even know how to cell phone properly

Interesting facts you should know about the Mets:

  • They're still paying Bobby Bonilla.
  • They'll be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention in approximately 65 days.
  • Their director of media relations is butt dialing everyone

This weekend, The Wall Street Journal (yes, THE Wall Street Journal) published an in-depth look at the butt dialing prowess of Mets director of media relations, 67-year-old Jay Horwitz.

Like most butt dials, the ones from Horwitz's phone are caused when it shifts in the pocket of his pants. It usually happens when he's walking or sitting. For whatever reason, he refuses to lock his BlackBerry.

As one of Major League Baseball's longest-tenured employees—he has been on the job since 1980—Horwitz also has a massive contacts list. He estimates there are more than 1,000 numbers stored in his phone. How this happens is a mystery to him, but more often than not, the people he butt-dials are the ones he rarely, if ever, intentionally calls.

If you're interested in some real high comedy, you can follow Horwitz on Twitter @Jay_HorwitzPR.

For example, just before the start of spring training, he tweeted a photo of himself shirtless in a swimming pool, buoyed by a tube and a pair of floaties, with goggles over his eyes and a snorkel lodged in his mouth. Other tweets have included such updates as "Hy" and "Congrats to $." On March 2, he simply tweeted the letter O.

Don't ever change, Mets. Don't ever change. [Wall Street Journal]