The Internet rallies to get a jerk and his iPad banned from his gym

Researchers looked at 100 people with this type of vision loss and found that their reading speed increased by at least 42 words per minute when they used the iPad tablet on the 18-point font setting, compared with reading a print book or newspaper.

In Queensland, Australia, there was a guy who took his iPad to the gym. Now, that alone is an act worthy of banishment from his exercise establishment, but this butthead took things a step further by using said iPad to photograph other members while they worked out. Worse still, he posted one of those pictures along with a caption mocking another gym member for struggling to lift a weight.

“Here we see the amazing chicken man…His 2% bodyfat is admired by bodybuilders and bulimic teenage girls alike,” he wrote. "Unfortunately, he can't see where his elbow joint ends and his bicep begins. He one day aspires to out-bech[sic] the other dudes at the gym, but unfortunately, he can't can't lift the bar yet - let alone the weights."

Well, Internet justice is swift because someone posted a screenshot of the Facebook activity to Reddit and users rallied to get the gym owner to ban the jerk for good. Also, the guy's mom found out and is apparently less than thrilled about her son's actions.

This post inspired Reddit's r/fitness and 4chan's /fit/ to track down his personal information so they could share his posts. Someone from either community spoke with the man's mother, who then contacted the gym owner to notify him of the photos. 

On Facebook, the photographer wrote that the gym owner got him on the phone, banned him from the premises and the rest of the chain, and called him a "piece of sh**." [Daily Dot]