The 'Game of Thrones' art gallery is the coolest thing you're missing at SXSW

All of America's cool and interesting people are in Austin, Texas for SXSW, right now (or will be sometime in the next week or so). Music geeks, movie nerds, television snobs, bloggers, photogs, and the like swarm the city to catch That English Basement Band You Saw Some Spin Intern Tweet About rock some faces off in a parking lot/coffee shop/concert venue.

Also, there's art.

This year, you can bet that nerdiest of all the nerds will be gawking at Game of Thrones-themed art courtesy of Mondo, the company responsible for all of the cool movie posters you see on the Internet.

Mondo, which was born out of Alamo founder Tim League’s vintage iron-on T-shirt enterprise Mondo Tees, enlisted some of its best and brightest artists for the show, including San Francisco Blade Runner aficionado Craig Drake, on-record Game of Thrones fan Daniel Danger, and rock poster designer Ken Taylor. It also brought on artists previously unknown to the Mondo roster like Sanjulian and Audrey Kawasaki. Some of the artists were already familiar with the terrain of Westeros, but some had to be indoctrinated — not that they minded.

So, if you happen to be heading down to Texas for SXSW, be sure to bring back that awesome print of Khaleesi eating the heart. It's only $1,500. You can just drop it at 801 Market Street. Thanks in advance. [Wired]