The 'Entourage' movie is delayed thanks to Vince and Turtle


Yeah, yeeeeeeaaaaaah. Yeah, yeeeeeeeeaaaaah. Yeah.

Mark Wahlberg and the rest of the Entourage bros are still trolling everyone by talking about the Entourage movie that was supposed to start production in May, but probably-won't/definitely-isn't-going-to/still-might-actually happen.

Basically, Jeremy Piven was doing his best Ari Gold impression while negotiating his contract to play Ari Gold, but eventually signed on to reprise his role in the allegedly forthcoming project. This means that it's Vince and Turtle that are the problems, now. *Insert "Vince is gonna do the movie!" joke here*

Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara are both holding out. Page Six has more...

A source told us that despite the two-year lead up to production, “They wanted to start filming early this summer, but the cast has been on hold. Jeremy finally signed his contract two weeks ago. His deal closed Aug. 29. But there are other members of the cast, including Adrian Grenier and Jerry Ferrara, who are still holding out.”

The “Entourage” movie was announced in January 2012. In January of this year, producer Mark Wahlberg confirmed the script was completed and they planned to go into production in May.

Wahlberg admitted it took time to get show creator Doug Ellin to formulate the screenplay. He told MTV in January, “So it just took a long time. It took a long time to get it written, get it right, and we got a fantastic script. Warner Bros. is very excited about it. All the guys are excited.”

Don't worry, you guys. Everything will work out... It always does. [Page Six]