Happy 15th birthday, 'The Big Lebowski'


Fifteen years ago, the world looked deep into the soul of The Dude and learned about nihilism and observing  Shabbos. On March 6, 1998, The Big Lebowski was released with all of its toe-trimming, white-Russian guzzling glory. To celebrate this monumental occassion, Vulture's Josh Gondelman writes about renting the movie back in '98 (thanks to a note from his parents), and how the film has grown into its flip flops as an under-dressed cult classic.

6. Along with Wet Hot American Summer and The Room, Lebowski belongs in the canon of nouveau cult classics. It’s probably the largest cult film of the past twenty years that’s loved in a non-ironic/non-camp way. In fact, its underground status has gained so much momentum that it arguably crossed into the mainstream. Ten years ago, dropping a sly Lebowski quote in conversation would go over the head of most of my acquaintances. Now you can hardly mention that a decoration ties a room together without getting a knowing wink in return. [Vulture]