SPOILER ALERT: The Internet already knows who Juan Pablo picks on this season of 'The Bachelor'

On this season of The Bachelor...

Some guy flirts with a bunch of women who will try to make each other cry as soon as he leaves the room. ABC will stretch 30 minutes worth of footage into two hour episodes, so that you get to see every clip before and after every commercial break. Inevitably, America will grow to despise one of the women while popular opinion will be split as the people champion two of the others. Eventually, The Bachelor will whittle the field down to those three and they'll go to Aruba/Jamaica/Bermuda/Bahamas where one of them will reveal that she's still married (or something equally scandalous) and remove herself from the competition. Then he'll pick the wrong one and America will bitch and moan while the other woman gets ready to be The Bachelorette. And so on and so forth until the end of time.

So, if you want to avoid that whole mess, cruise on over to RealitySteve.com where one blogger has been popping all of ABC's balloons by spoiling pretty much every season of The Bachelor. Steve Carbone has been on the other end of more than one lawsuit stemming from his spoilers and comes through with supposed information about the end of Season 18 of The Bachelor.

Instead I found Carbone's website where, with the help of his tipsters, he spoils entire seasons ofThe Bachelor and The Bachelorette. His website, realitysteve.com, is the bane of the show's existence. Carbone even claims ABC has a vendetta against him, sabotaging him in "various" ways, including "engineering" his disappearance from an E! network Bachelor special. He's also been sued several times by the show's producers; they first sued Carbone in 2011, alleging that he induced contestants to breach their confidentiality agreements by offering to pay them. That lawsuit was settled several months later, when, according to Warner Bros., Carbone agreed to have "no further contact whatsoever with cast, crew, or employees" of the show. He was sued again in 2013 for tortious interference as well as breach of settlement but Carbone told The Hollywood Reporter that the suit is "bogus" and that while their legal agreement does prevent him from paying insiders, it does "NOT prevent [him] from publishing spoilers."

Seriously, don't click the link to Defamer or to RealitySteve.com unless you want to know who Juan Pablo is going to pick in Season 18. [Defamer]