That time that Ryan Gosling was almost in the Backstreet Boys

Ryan Gosling (and the rest of the planet) should be thankful for unanswered prayers because it's recently been reported that Gosling was nearly a member of the Backstreet Boys.

The Gangster Squad actor said in a recent interview that he didn't think that the Backstreet Boys would become popular because he thought they seemed like a New Kids on the Block ripoff. SPOILER ALERT: They were.

So, when BSB got big, America's Dreamboat reportedly blew up the phone of A.J. McLean—the Backstreet Boy with the fedora and that awful goatee thing. McLean now says it was all a misunderstanding and that he never meant to ignore Gosling. He even want's Gosling to join the group because of course he does. [TMZ]

If you (somehow) weren't aware that Ryan Gosling was musically inclined, please brace yourself for what you're about to witness.