Thanks to FGCU, Fort Myers is officially #DunkCity

Florida Gulf Coast basketball team. (Steven M. Falk/Staff Photographer)

If you have a television and/or an Internet connection, you're well aware that Florida Gulf Coast University is an actual college that really exists. They (presumably) have students and faculty and, of course, a basketball team. As the FGCU Eagles rocked South Philly twice in the past week to advance to the Sweet 16, the Internet fell in love.

Tweets of #DunkCity occupied feeds around the world as the Eagles threw down alley-oop after alley-oop. So much so that, it turns out, the city of Fort Myers caught wind of the phenomenon. As of Monday, the city's website was emblazoned with the hashtag, which will remain for the rest of the tournament. Though, really, it should remain for the rest of time.

To learn everything you'll ever need to know about Florida Gulf Coast University, read the roundup post over at sbnation. Or, you know, sell all of your worldly possessions and move there like the rest of us. Last one there has to put the tiny umbrellas in everyone's drinks. [h/t Deadspin]