Teen turns to Esquire for perfect bar mitzvah suit

Zeke Winitsky is a 13-year-old kid with an interest in fashion and a penchant for the written word. So, through one of their editors-at-large, Winitsky got in touch with Esquire, hoping to figure out a way to avoid dressing like a square for his looming bar mitzvah in Israel.

On the first day, God created the navy blue blazer with brass buttons and khakis. And I looked and saw that it was not good.

On the second day, He made the ill-fitting all-black suit. And I looked and saw that it was kinda bland.

On the third day he created the boxy grey suit — and things were starting to get bleak.

Winitsky goes on to write about the struggle he and his mom faced as they tried to find a happy medium between '80s box suits and something Kanye might rock on stage. His account includes a Zoolander reference and a Boy George name-drop. For a 13-year-old, the kid can dress and write. Do yourself a favor and check out his full post over at Esquire.

Walking through the mall I saw an advertisement in front of Hugo Boss and I realized that’s what I wanted, Hugo Boss. When I told my mom thats what I was looking for, she was reluctant, but we went in anyway. But nothing was my size. There was just a huge gap between the boys' suits to the smallest run of the men’s sizes. Plus they were too expensive, and just not appropriate for a bar mitzvah in Jerusalem. But at least my mom now understood what I wanted: something a little edgy, a little sharper. She took that a little too far when she pulled out shiny leather pants and a velvet jacket. No, mom, this is not Zoolander. The problem is there was nothing in between. Either it was the ultra-average navy with brass buttons jacket and khaki pants outfit — something that so many of the guys I know wore — or looking like Culture Club-era Boy George. What I needed was a patterned, two piece suit that was cool, chic, classy ... something Esquire. [Esquire]