Taylor Swift surprises young cancer patient with private concert

Jordan Lee Nickerson was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at nine months, had open heart surgery at 18 months, and last month began undergoing treatment for leukemia at Boston Children's Hospital. It will be yet another battle in a long line of health issues for six-year-old Nickerson, with him already having faced more adversity in his young existence than most people will go through in their whole lives. 

Luckily, this past weekend brought some small relief from the struggle. Or, rather, Taylor Swift did when she visited Nickerson at Boston Children's Hospital to do a little bit of everything the boy holds dear. 

They played air hockey. They sang songs. They mugged for the camera. They talked about Spider-Man. It was, in essence, the ultimate celebrity visit for this little fan, and the two appear to genuinely enjoy one another's company. An Instagram photo op, this ain't. 

"I love singing songs for people, but I want to sing a song for you more than all the other people," Swift says at one point.

Unfortunately, though, Swift's visit couldn't last forever. Jordan's Brave Page, a Facebook page set up to track Nickerson's progress, announced that young Nickerson went into another round of chemotherapy following Swift's visit—a challenge we're sure he accepted with the utmost courage.

After all, it takes a fair amount of bravery to belt out "We Are Never Getting Back Together" like he does at around 5:05 in the video above. Get well soon, little guy.