Radio station cancels contest so that 'fat old guy creep' can't smell Taylor Swift's hair

Taylor Swift performs at Lincoln Financial Field during the first of two nights of concerts Friday. The singer's appearance is part of her Red Tour. (ED HILLE / Staff Photographer)

If you spend an inordinate amount of time online, you might recall the time that Taylor Swift was set to play a concert for whichever school received the most votes in a promotional contest, but didn't because a bunch of trolls migrated in from the deep Internet to ensure that a school for the deaf won the contest.

Welp, it happened again.

This time, T-Swift was set to participate in a meet-and-greet with her "biggest fan" as a part of a promotion organized by Boston's Kiss 108 radio station. But, the trolls again took interest in the contest and, with all their powers combined, managed to help a 39-year-old guy win the prize.

Users of 4chan and Reddit worked together to help "fat old guy creep Charles" win the contest so that he could smell Taylor Swift's hair.

"My creepy 39 year old friend named Charles would like to crush all those girls dreams(and then sniff Taylor Swifts hair cuz he's into that), by winning instead," the post reads. "He's made it to 25th place out of over 3000 applicants with just his friends support but he's hitting a plateau. Help him crush the dreams of these girls and give him the chance to make a complete ass of himself by blatantly sniffing her hair with cameras rolling."

Kiss 108 decided to cancel the whole shebag when the "integrity" of the 'Taylor Swift's Biggest Fan' contest [had been] compromised."

The Daily Dot has more details and screenshots from the activity on 4chan that helped "Charles" win the contest in the first place.