Swaggy adult Justin Bieber apologizes to President Bill Clinton after peeing in that mop bucket

Netherlands-Bieber-Anne Frank
FILE - This March 19, 2013 file photo shows Canadian singer Justin Bieber performing during a concert at Bercy arena in Paris. (AP Photo/Francois Mori, file)

If you have the Internet (SPOILER ALERT: You do.), you're probably aware that Justin Bieber hath peed into a mop bucket in a New York restaurant's kitchen earlier this year and punctuated this very mature act with an emphatic, "F*** Bill Clinton."

Since then, The Biebz and Prez Billy Jeff Clinton have apparently spoken about the matter, with Bieber apologizing to bury the proverbial hatchet.

After getting caught on video urinating in a mop bucket and saying "F--k Bill Clinton" while in the act, the 19-year-old actually spoke to the former U.S. president today and apologized for his actions, a source close to the situation confirms to E! News.

And it sounds as if Clinton was really cool about it!

The insider tells us that the erstwhile commander in chief took Bieber's slam in jest, saying something along the lines of, "If that is the worst thing you have ever done, all is well."

All is definitely NOT well because this isn't the worst thing Justin Bieber has ever done. In fact, it's just one of the many awful things that Bieber's accomplished since graduating from that "Baby" single. The guy owns a leopard-print sports car and nothing about that is OK. Plus there was the whole Keyshawn incident and the Anne Frank fiasco.

President Bill Clinton is encouraging Justin Bieber and that's only going to perpetuate the problem. We're probably about 18 months away from The Biebz throwing a bong out a window and rockin' an aqua wig to a court appearance. [E]