Someone is planning the greatest bank heist in Los Angeles history

If you've never fantasized about pulling off the ultimate bank heist, then you can stop reading, turn off your computer, shut down your WiFi, and promptly never return to the Internet again. For the rest of you, though, I invite you to squander the rest of your afternoon on Ilona Gaynor's heist project, Under Black Carpets.

The London-based designer is has been working on an elaborate heist plan as a large-scale art project for more than two years. She's spoken with Hollywood stuntmen, FBI agents, LAPD officers, criminal defense attorneys, escape artists, and other experts in an effort to craft the perfect plan for a hypothetical heist of the five banks that surround the One Wilshire building in Los Angeles.

Judging from Gaynor’s Kickstarter film, her narrative is anything but straightforward. The scenario she crafts around the heist is complexly detailed and technically accurate, but it’s also absurd enough to be the plot of the next Coen brothers crime flick (think a plane falling from the sky, a presidential caravan gone awry, Inception-style acrobatics).

“I’m quite strict on design having the role as the plotter, as master planner, as the schemer, rather than the craftsman,” Gaynor explains. “I kind of ignore traditional, industrial product design because I’m just not interested.”

By donating to the cause, you can earn yourself a T-shirt, an invitation to the premiere, or a signed piece from Gaynor's exhibit. You could even have one of the heist characters named after you. Even if you don't donate, you'll be treated to an afternoon of daydreaming about heists, which is basically the entire reason that the Internet was created. Well, that and Wendy's training videos from the '80s. [Wired]