Stop everything and listen to the Kanye/Hall & Oates mashup, 'Ballin' Oates'

Scott Melker—a New York-based producer—is a prophet. The man has previously done the Lord's work, creating masterpieces like Skeetles and Skeetwood Mac, projects that saw him combine classic works from The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac (duh), with rap songs.

The latest offering from The Melker Project, though, is definitive proof that the Melker is a man of the people who is hitting his stride. Wonderfully titled Ballin' Oates, the endeavor has Melker remixing classic Hall & Oates jams with songs from Wu-Tang Clan, Kanye, T.I., and others.

This is your walking around playlist until it's time to break out the Deck the Hall & Oates box set on Black Friday. Happy listening, you guys. [h/t The Key]