Stephen Colbert's @RealHumanPraise hilariously trolls Fox News

NPR correspondent David Folkenflik recently released his book Murdoch's World, which tells the tale of the News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch and the far reach of his media empire. Among the revelations contained in Folkenflik's book was the ditty about Fox News PR staffers infiltrating the blogosphere to post pro-Fox propaganda in the comments sections of articles and blog posts that painted the network in a negative light.

On Monday, Folkenflik made an appearance on The Colbert Report to plug his book and discuss the current media landscape. The show's host used the visit as a catalyst to introduce his latest, hilarious creation to the world: @RealHumanPraise.

Basically, Colbert had a writer on his staff create an algorithm that takes positive reviews from the film website Rotten Tomatoes and replaces the names of the films and actors therein with the names of Fox News shows and personalities.

The result is the greatest Twitter bot the Internet has ever seen.