Sorry, but physics says that Superman can’t punch someone into space

"Man of Steel," the new blockbuster movie update of Superman, comes to theaters next week.

Physicist Rhett Allain crunched the numbers and concluded that, no, Superman could not punch someone clear into outer space, despite his super strength. Even the last son of Krypton is prevented from doing certain things by the laws of Earthly physics. See the full post for all the calculations and graphs, if that’s your sort of thing, but here’s the bottom line:

Could Superman punch someone into space? No. Here’s why.

- If you account for air resistance, the faster you start the greater the air resistance force. It’s just not going to happen.

- Even if Superman did hit someone super-hard, Superman’s fist would probably just go through the target’s head.

- By pushing so hard on someone, Superman’s feet would crush the ground under him.

- The acceleration of the victim would be so great that his head would come off. [Dot Physics]