Someone made a real life Batmobile (yes, it has a flamethrower)

If you've got $120,000 burning a hole in your hockey pads, you can be the lucky person who gets to sit on the Schuylkill in fanboy style because someone has created a real life Batmobile based on Michael Keaton's whip from the 1989 Tim Burton film.

The vehicle comes fully equipped with a flamethrower and can supposedly go from 0 to 60 in less than five seconds.

This extremely well conceived tribute to the 1989 Michael Keaton Batmobile was made for promotional purposes and has been displayed at many exhibitions and motor shows. It comes complete on a bespoke chassis and powered by a straight six, fuel injected modern Jaguar 3.2 litre engine with automatic transmission. Special crime fighting gadgets include a fully operational flame thrower at the rear, hydraulic suspension enabling the car to be lifted a further nine inches off the ground, a smoke release mechanism, remote full releasing electronic canopy, remote ignition and full LED running lights, dashboard display and front and rear camera's complete the specification. This vehicle is believed to be one of the best after-production, fully road-legal models ever made. The mileage is particularly low as it has mainly been transported from venue to venue and is described by the vendor as in excellent running order. [Historics]

Alls I'm sayin' is that Christmas is just around the corner, so if anyone cares to know, we wouldn't hate to wake up and find this bad boy in the driveway with one of those obnoxious Lexus ribbons on it. [h/t Metro]