So a fake bishop walks into the Vatican...

A German man wore a bishop's costume and showed up to the Vatican with an entourage of clerics on Monday, where he made it through at least one level of security and posed for pictures with a real cardinal before being stopped outside the Sistine Chapel.

Ralph Napierski wore a black fedora in place of a real clergyman's skull cap and claimed and a winter scarf as a sash. He claimed to be a part of the non-existant Catholic group Corpus Dei. Napierski tried to get into the conclave where actual Carolic cardinals are determining who will be the next Pope.

Napierski milled around the area outside the meetings for half an hour with no problems. He told onlookers his name was Basilius and that he was a bishop in the Italian Orthodox Church, which does not exist.

At one point he posed for a photo with Italian Cardinal Sergio Sebastiani, president emeritus of the Vatican's Prefecture for Economic Affairs. [USA Today]