Smalls from 'The Sandlot' was arrested for allegedly headbutting a cop

Ugh. Tom Guiry, who you'll remember most for his role as Smalls in The Sandlot (and, hopefully, for the criminally underrated, short-lived NBC series The Black Donnellys with Olivia Wilde), has gotten himself into a pickle after being arrested in Texas over the weekend for allegedly headbutting an airport cop.

TMZ has the details of the whole shebang, which supposedly kicked off when an airline employee determined that Guiry was too drunk to fly.

Law enforcement sources tell us, the employee contacted an airport cop, who approached Guiry and gave him two options: a public intoxication arrest, or the drunk tank.

Guiry then  made a terrible mistake -- allegedly becoming belligerent and verbally abusive ... and even threatening the officer.  Guiry then allegedly tried kicking the cop in the face and then scored a headbutt. 

Oof. The resulting mugshot was, ahem, less than flattering. [TMZ]