Shocking study suggests men want to sleep with their female friends


A groundbreaking study indicates that men are more likely to find their female friends sexually attractive than vice versa. Additionally, it demonstrates that they have more faith in how their female friends see them.

Researchers asked 88 pairs of male/female friends to rate how sexually attractive they found each other *bow chicka ow ow*. They also asked them to hypothesize how their friends would rate them. The results are astounding.

Men - whether they were attached or single - were more likely to harbour an attraction to their female friends and want to go out with them than the other way around.

The men also assumed that the women were more sexually interested in them than they actually were - and the women tended not to realise this.

Basically, the ladder theory is real. If Nora Ephron were here, she'd say, "I told you so." [Telegraph]