VIDEO: Shirtless Kai The Hitchhiker covering 'Wagon Wheel' (plus, the auto-tuned interview song)

We all had the pleasure of meeting Kai earlier this week after he—a homeless hitchhiker—saved a woman in Fresno from a crazed attack at the hands of a man claiming to be Jesus Christ. Kai told reporters that he used a hatchet to hit the attacker in the head and save everyone.

For the next few days, there was a Kai-sized vacancy left in the hearts of Americans in every corner of the country. Worry not, Internets. Here is a video of a shirtless Kai covering "Wagon Wheel" because of course this exists.

Also, KMPH caught up with him for a follow-up interview.

And the Gregory Brothers have already stepped up to the plate and given the Internet the inevitable auto-tuned song, "smash, Smash, SMASH!"

[h/t filmdrunk]