Hero grandpa wrestles shark to save children, gets fired from his job

A 62-year-old man who worked for a children's charity in Britain, Paul Marshallsea, was on vacation in Australia with his wife when he heard cries for help as a 6-foot shark swam in shallow waters near children. The man waded into the waters, grabbed the shark by the tail, and pushed it out to sea. Video footage was picked up by a local news station and soon went viral.

When the Marshallsea and his wife returned to Britain, they received letters informing them that they'd been fired from the children's charity where they both worked. They had both been out on sick leave and their superiors fired them for breach of trust after seeing the footage.

Mr Marshallsea says he is “disgusted” by the way he has been treated and that instead he should have been congratulated for his feat of bravery. “If I hadn’t gone in to save the kids on that beach that day, my wife and I would still have a job,” he told the WalesOnline website. [The Independent]