Scientists discover 'chicken from hell' dinosaur

Hold on to your butts, folks, because the latest discovery made by a group of scientists in the Dakotas. The thing has been described as a cross between a chicken and a lizard and unofficially dubbed the "Chicken From Hell." It would have been 11 feet long, weighed 500 pounds, and, obviously rocked a beak.

The Washington Post has more:

But there’s also the matter of appearance: It’s an unsettling beast. It looks like it could stomp you, rip you to pieces or simply peck you to death. Chances are, once you have the image of the Chicken From Hell in your head, you will never think of it as anything other than the Chicken From Hell.

It’s a big animal, the biggest oviraptorosaur species found in North America. The creature brings to mind a huge flightless bird, such as an ostrich or emu. The weird crest on its head, which resembles half a dinner plate turned vertically, looks like that of a cassowary. The new dinosaur is loaded with biological accessories and adaptations, as if evolution had been inspired by a Swiss Army knife.

To learn more about the Anzu wyliei and its place within the context of the history of dinosaurs check out the full piece over at The Washington Post, or wait until Jurassic Park 4 comes out and Chris Pratt slays a whole nest full of the beasts with a chainsaw, or something. [Washington Post]