Scientists conduct study to show dudes how to pee properly

An entire team of physicists at Brigham Young University have dedicated their time and energy to unraveling the mystery behind urinal splash-back so that men the world over can relieve themselves without getting tiny drops of pee all over their pants.

Seriously, they're calling themselves "the Wizz Kids" because of course they are and they're here to teach guys about urinal dynamics and bathroom best practices (+1 for BUZZ PHRASE!).

In analyzing their results, the researchers found that sitting on a toilet, as most men well know, results in the least amount of splash-back (the contact point is much closer). They also discovered something likely few men have considered—that urine follows what is known as the Plateau-Rayleigh instability—where a pee stream breaks up into drops before striking something else. That's the worst thing that can happen, the team reports, because each drop creates splash-back. To avoid that, men should stand as close to the urinal as possible they advise. Also helpful is directing the stream to hit the back of the urinal at a downward angle. That creates less splash-back and the drops that do bounce, head downwards into the urinal drain. Conversely, to prevent messing one's trousers (or angering neighbors) they suggest men not spray directly into the urinal or into the pool that forms at the bottom of the urinal, both cause a lot of splash-back. []

Seriously. This is a study that happened. Also, there's a video! [h/t Reddit]