Science says that your cat doesn't care about you

A new study proves what everyone has known all along: your cat is evolved enough to recognize the sound of your voice, but doesn't care about you because cats are sociopaths.

The study!

Carried out by Atsuko Saito and Kazutaka Shinozuka, the study tested twenty housecats in their own homes; waiting until the owner was out of sight and then playing them recordings of three strangers calling their names, followed by their owner, followed by another stranger.

The researchers then analysed the cats’ responses to each call by measuring a number of factors including ear, tail and head movement, vocalization, eye dilation and ‘displacement’ – shifting their paws to move.

When hearing their names’ being called the cats displayed “orientating behaviour” (moving their heads and ears about to locate where the sound was coming from) and although they showed a greater response to their owner’s voices than strangers’, they declined to move when called by any of the volunteers.

Also surprising is the facts that this is in direct contrast of dogs, who recognize their owners voices and actually, you know, give a crap. So, I guess that's settled. [Independent]