Rotten Tomatoes will start ranking TV shows, now

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Anyone who's ever wanted to see a movie ever should have Rotten Tomatoes bookmarked as their homepage and have the app on the front screen of their phones and have the url tattooed backward on their chests like they're in Memento. Never forget.

Well, now that same type of unabashed appreciation of the service provided by Rotten Tomatoes will apply to television junkies, too.

Reviews will cover all the new fall scripted series, as well as shows that have aired on primetime over the last four years that received coverage by critics from major media outlets Rotten Tomatoes follows. It will not track reality shows.

For the older shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men,” “we will go back to the beginning,” and include reviews of their earlier seasons, Matt Atchity, editor-in-chief of Rotten Tomatoes, told Variety.

The Tomatometer will go back and also track shows that have been on the air for the last four years. A show will need a 60-percent approval rating to be considered fresh.

Rotten Tomatoes eventually wants the approval ratings and the Tomatometer to be come as essential for television viewers as it is for movie nerds. The idea is that it will show up on Netflix and Hulu alongside the TV shows folks are about to stream.

The new TV Zone launches on Tuesday.

Welcome to the future, where the hour-long television drama reigns supreme. God save Tony Soprano! [Variety]