Ron Mexico, Brett Favre sexts, and 'you're with me, Leather': An oral history of Deadspin

A week and a half ago, Deadspin broke the story of the Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax, subsequently setting the Internet on Fire. The piece has nearly four million views and—to many legitimized the site's existence, effectively broadening the mainstream concept of sports coverage.

Now, Adweek has published an oral history of Deadspin, which might be the most meta piece of journalism to ever hit the Interwebz. Nick Denton, Will Leitch, Tommy Craggs, A.J. Daulerio and the rest of the names you associate with Deadspin are all present and accounted for.

It includes background on the decision to go with the name "Deadspin," a discussion of the tabloid-y nature of some of their stories (including the Josh Hamilton pics that put them on the map before the whole Brett Favre sexting thing), and thoughts on the whole ESPN/Disney machine.

Do you like sportz? Then it's worth checking out. Read it here.