Robert De Niro's 70th birthday party raised the bar for 70th birthday parties

Your 70th birthday party is going to suck more than usual now that you know how Robert De Niro brought in the big 7-0. As you can see from the picture, De Niro celebrated his day of birth with none other than Christopher Walken and Harvey Keitel. It's also important to note, however, that the picture was taken by Samuel L. Jackson, because De Niro's birthday party was actually just an annual meeting of the Badass Old Guys Club.

Seriously, this must have been the 70th birthday party to end all 70th birthday parties. Most such occasions require a 4 p.m. "reservation" and the staff at Bennigan's to sing off-key while delivering a crappy piece of cake with a dinky candle in it.

We'd like to imagine that De Niro's bash was mostly just those guys one-upping each other with stories of Hollywood insider lore. [h/t Vulture]