It's 'Restaurant Week' for rats and it's all Hurricane Sandy's fault

Hope you didn't feel like eating lunch today because things are about to get gross. Hurricane Sandy ravaged New Jersey, New York, and parts of other states on the East Coast back in the fall. The devestation continues as families rebuild their homes and try to get back to life as is. The rats are throwing one big party, though.

Seriously, the sewer dwellers and subway crawlers were displaced by Sandy when their subterranean habitats flooded and—with all of the trash left in the storm's wake—many are finding the surface much more suitable.

The New York Times has published a piece examining the heightened pressence of rodent-folk on the streets.


“There’s so much garbage out in the streets these days. Renovations because of the flood. Christmas trees. These things make it worse. For them, it’s Restaurant Week.”

Um, gross. The Times spoke with partners at multiple extermination companies. One reported receiving approximately twice as many calls as usual in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Basically, there are rats all over New York and Jersey. Which isn't cool, unless those rats are training life-size turtles in the art of martial arts combat, in which case I guess we'd be okay with it. [h/t NY Mag]