Release the Kraken! Scientists film giant squid in its natural habitat

This image is a screenshot of video footage taken by NHK and Discovery Channel in July 2012. It reportedly shows a giant squid in its natural habitat 1/3 of a mile beneath the surface.

So, this is about the scariest thing to ever happen. Scientists have reportedly filmed a giant squid in its natural habitat in the Pacific Ocean for the first time ever. The film—recorded in July—is the first footage of such a creature in its natural habitat, a third of a mile beneath the surface about nine miles east of Chichi Island. The giant squid was reportedly missing two of its longest tentacles and, if whole, would have been eight meters long. It is believed that these giant squid are the catalyst for the Nordic myth of the Kraken.

The Discovery Channel and Japanese public broadcaster NHK both plan to air documentaries on the giant squid sometime in January. Next time you're in the ocean and freak out because seaweed touches your leg, know that you're not alone. We get it. []