RIP, Google Reader


Today marks the official end of Google Reader. Google's beloved content aggregator debuted way back in 2005, but has had an end-date etched on its tombstone since March, when the Internet behemoth announced that it would be retiring the RSS service on July 1st.

No more will Google curate a feed comprised of posts from your favorite sites, bloggers, and news outlets. While Google Reader diehards lament the discontinuation of their sacred feeds, others have handled the switch relatively seamlessly by saving their preferences and transitioning to other readers. The new options may be small, but there's a lot of room for... agressive expansion.

USA Today suggests five alternative services.

TechHive says to go with Feedly.

The New Yorker says Digg Reader is the successor, maybe.

More than talking about Google Reader understudies, though, today marks a day of mourning for Internet news junkies everywhere. As people ready for the uncomfortable transition, The Washington Post tells you how to save your data, Fox News blames the death of Google Readers on regulations, and The Wall Street Journal compiled a slew of Google Reader tributes on Twitter.

Rest in peace, Google Reader. We hardly knew ye.